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How to Burn (Write Data) or Files to a CD/DVD in Windows 7/8/10

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About Burning CD/DVD's:
The “Burn Disc or Burn Files” feature of Windows 7 works the same for both CD's and DVD's. You can burn files to either type of disc through the Explorer without any third party software. Isn't that easy to do it. let's get started with it and let me show you how to do that!
1. To get the burning started, you need to insert a blank or rewritable disc into your disc drive. Once the disc spins up, Windows recognizes it and ask what you want to do. The AutoPlay prompt looks different in different versions of Windows, but the options provided are similar.
This is what it looks like in Windows 10:
Windows 7 Look for this Prompt:
and in the end Windows 8.1
2. Click or tap “Burn files to disc.” If you have AutoPlay disabled, you will not see the pop-ups shown above. Instead, you have to open File/Windows Explorer and double-click (or tap) your disc drive in the “This PC” section from Windows 10, or in the Computer section from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.
3. You are greeted by a dialog that gives you two options for burning your disc.
4. Make your selection depending on how you intend to use the finished product:
Like a USB Flash Drive - This burns the disc using the Live File System, which allows you to add or remove files at will like you would on a flash drive. Discs burned in this manner are only usable on computers running Windows.
With a CD/DVD Player - This options burns your files and closes the disc allowing it to be played in a CD/DVD player or on any other computer. Files can still be added after the disc is closed, but you will not be able to remove the files that are already burned.
5. If you opt to burn a disc on which files can be added to or removed from at will, select “Like a USB flash drive” and click or tap Next. Windows will take some time to format the drive. Depending on the type of disc you want to burn, this process can take a while. This will work on both normal discs and rewritable discs.
Once the disc is formatted properly, you can use File/Windows Explorer to open the disc. When you look at its root location, you see a message that says: “Drag files to this folder to add them to the disc.”
6. Then Open another new Explorer window containing the files you want to copy to the CD.
7. Select the folders or files you want to copy to the CD/DVD. You can also select multiple files, to do so hold down the CTRL key, and click each file. Once you are done with your selection, press "CTRL+C" or Right-click the selected files and then click Copy.
8. Next, switch back to the explorer window of the blank CD/DVD and press "CTRL+V" or Right-click and then click Paste. Alternately, you can also Click the Edit menu, and then click Paste.
9. You’ll see a progress bar appear on your screen, and when it’s done your disc will be ready.